Design Process

Once our client has finalized its selection, our company will initiate collaboration with a range of shipyards, naval architects, and designers. We will facilitate a bid process involving all relevant parties, fostering close cooperation between the shipyard, naval architect, and designer. This collaborative approach ensures a comprehensive evaluation of options and promotes effective communication throughout the project.


Our company will bring together a team of surveyors, legal advisors, captains, and yacht managers for you to meet. After selecting the most appropriate team, we will take charge of negotiations with the chosen shipyard, working closely with your preferred legal counsel. Our goal is to ensure a timely schedule and secure the best value for you. We will thoroughly discuss specifications, regulations, warranties, payment terms, and contractual obligations before any agreements are signed. As your dedicated broker, we will be by your side to facilitate all negotiations and provide ongoing support throughout the process.


Once all contracts have been executed, the construction process will commence. Our company will assign a dedicated yacht manager who will act as a crucial link between the broker, client, and shipyard. This experienced professional will oversee the entire new build project from inception to completion. Working in tandem with your yacht manager, our company will provide regular updates on the progress of the construction and address any issues that may arise. Rest assured that throughout the build, your best interests will remain our top priority.